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Northern Lights Secondary School

Welcome to the James Bay Lowlands Secondary School Board.

We strive to educate and inform the future leaders of our communities and this is a portal to help parents, students and our communities work with the Board to ensure the best future for all our children.

The James Bay Lowlands Secondary School Board is responsible for student achievement and well-being, for ensuring effective stewardship of the board’s resources and for delivering effective and appropriate education programs for our students. The Education Act and its regulations set out the services that district school boards and school authorities must offer. The responsibilities of a school board include a key governance role with respect to:

Operating schools according to provincial legislation
Accountability to the public for implementing curriculum according to ministry curriculum policy
Monitoring the policies of the schools and the achievement of students and, through the director of education, holding the entire system accountable for meeting provincial and board standards
Having a Vision Statement that reflects the board’s philosophy and local needs and priorities
Developing and delivering other programs that reflect provincial policies and local priorities

Mission Statement

The James Bay Lowlands Secondary School Board is committed to providing a safe, positive, student-focused environment for all students, which respects all cultures and Aboriginal heritage, and promotes the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for life-long learning.

Vision Statement

To ensure that all students of the Board have access to the greatest range of excellent learning programs possible and are fully supported in their individual pathways toward success in Secondary school.